Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

The Outlook and District Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer organization that is committed to promote and improve the economic, civic and social welfare of the Town of Outlook and the surrounding area. Through various events and projects, we attempt to grow and nurture the business community in the Greater Outlook area.

We hope that we can encourage entrepreneurship and local involvement with this scholarship. As such we are offering a scholarship of $1000 to three students from the Outlook and District area. The successful applicant will best match the following criteria:

1) The successful applicant will be planning to attend a post-secondary institution with the intent of becoming an entrepreneur or working for a local business.

2) They will have demonstrated a strong work ethic by working for local businesses throughout high school.

3) They will have showed a commitment to community involvement and community service.

4) They will have displayed leadership qualities in school and at work.

Please submit completed applications before May 10 2024. Please submit your application through the form below, you will receive a copy of your form to  your email address listed.

For additional information, please contact the Chamber at

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